Jacques Prost’s contribution to soft matter physics is extremely fruitful and varied. To mark his departure from the Direction-Générale of ESPCI ParisTech, colleagues from three French institutions where he conducted his research over the course of his career - Centre de Recherche Paul Pascal (CRPP) in Bordeaux, ESPCI ParisTech and the Institut Curie in Paris – are organizing a two-day scientific symposium, showcasing the range of topics addressed by Jacques Prost, and the creativity of his research.

This symposium will cover topics as diverse as liquid crystals, soft matter physics and the physics of biological systems, from their basic cellular components to biological tissues and tumors. Jacques Prost also contributed to applied research and colleagues from Total and Saint-Gobain will participate in the symposium as well.


The symposium is hosted at ESPCI ParisTech and is free of charge.
(Only accommodation costs are to be borne by the participants)

Registration is mandatory.

The programme is available in pdf format.


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